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Who am I ?

Assalamu’alaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh..

Hello guys,,the first I want to say thank to Allah who has given us much happiness and chance to me to make this blog. I hope this blog will always be useful for all.

Who am I? maybe all of you don’t know me yet because I’m not an actor or a musician who have been famous in this world :-D. But maybe there are people who know me if they once meet with me.

Ok,guys.. My name is Irda FaisalRamdani. 22 years ago, I was born in Malangbong, Garut. I have 3 litle brothers. During  19 years I live there with my parents. My primary school is SDN Sukaratu 2 and my Junior High School is SMPN 1 Kersamanah. Then, my Senior High School is SMAN 1 Malangbong (SMAN 9 Garut).

Now, I study in mathematics education departmen in UPI or Indonesia Education University.

Really,I can speak or write in English well. But why I use English in my blog, because I want to learn to use English in my daily life. And someday I want to teach mathematics lesson with using English. Therefore, if I do a mistake in this blog, I hope all of you want to give me correction and suggestion or idea maybe to improve my this blog.

Thank you very much..

May this blog can be useful to many people..Amin ^^

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